Our History

In 1995, Socapos was founded with a simple idea: to help foster education at home through quality childcare services in Luanda, the capital city.  Not long after, the company began expanding its capabilities by developing a strategic plan to provide transportation services in 2000.  Two years later in 2002, another strategic plan was formed for offering drilling services to the burgeoning oil and gas industry, which would later be implemented in 2012 when Socapos began supplying drilling operations, rig management services, manpower and procurement.  Also in 2002, Socapos acquired farmland for agricultural and horticultural development.  Socapos is currently seeking partnerships in truck farming, flower farming, pastures and meat processing facilities.

In 2013, Socapos opened a second day care facility, the Ateneu Bebé Calis—a fully equipped nursery school in the newly built residential community of Kilamba. Today the center serves over 200 children with full-time quality care, pre-school education, and nutritious meals. Ateneu Bebé Calis also provides an after-school learning center for secondary students. Along with exercise and swimming classes, the center helps students excel through one-on-one tutoring and special curriculum activities.

Our company today is rapidly diversifying, adding manufacturing to our portfolio in 2017 with the acquisition of NEVUA detergent and soap. We opened the Nevua Soap factory which is currently producing an Angolan-made product for dishes, clothes, and hands using recyclable bottles to promote a cleaner environment.  Nevua—The detergent with deep-acting power!

Now with offices in both Luanda, Angola and Houston, Texas, we are actively looking to do business either as a service provider or as business partners in all of our industry sectors to meet the market’s demands.


Our mission is to be a leading service provider in strategic industry sectors to advance sustainable solutions for the Angolan and American communities and for future generations. We believe that the economic bonds we forge will create more jobs and greater opportunities for both Angolan and US citizens and other international business partners.