Angola Business Units

Socapos is a diverse company that has expanded our operations into several major economic sectors since our founding in 1995. Our various business units provide both quality goods and services to companies on both sides of the Atlantic.

Our goal is to continuously improve the quality of our goods and the effectiveness of our services to meet our customers’ requirements.

Socapos partners with foreign and national companies interested in working in Angola and the USA, utilizing our firsthand knowledge of the local business environment in order to meet market demands by providing quality goods and services.

Our business units can be divided into two major groups:


  • Agriculture – Pursuing advances in land, livestock, and farming management and developing a cut flower business
  • Manufacturing – Operating NEVUA detergent and soap manufacturing plant


  • Education – Operating two day care centers and developing workforce language training
  • Oil & Gas – Providing materials, services, and personnel for drilling operations and rig management
  • Transportation & Logistics – Operating a business fleet and school transportation services

If you would like more information on investing in our business units or procuring our services, please contact us.