Petrocapos: Expediting Offshore Services

In 2012, in partnership with a foreign company, Socapos formed PetroservFormaFor which provides the following services:

  • Drilling Operations & Rig Management
  • Manpower

In 2015, Socapos formed a partnership with two major foreign companies to provide the following:

  • Materials: Welded pipes, seamless pipes, valves, flanges, steel plates, fittings, seamless tubes, finned tubes, U bend tubes, heat exchangers, air coolers, wellheads, steam turbines, CNG compressors, scale busters, etc.
  • Services: We provide on-site services to petrochemical and oil refinery fields, such as pig cleaning, descaling, furnace heater decoking, tube cleaning & pressure tightness tests, plumbing internal lining (vinyl ester & epoxy), and pigging trap, signaler and diverter design and manufacture.


Energy is the most important source of revenue in Angola, where oil production accounts for 50 percent of GDP and over 97 percent of export revenue. The country produces 1.75 million barrels of oil per day according to the Energy Information Agency. Even with recent tumbles in world oil prices (Angola saw net oil export revenue plunge by more than 12 percent to $24 billion) the country remains a vibrant producer in need of partnerships and continued investment.

Most of the oil and gas business in Angola is done offshore. The country has an immediate need for the latest infrastructure to provide drilling platform services, including, but not limited to, project and operational management, field development, and well engineering.

Every foreign oil investor must be affiliated with a local partner in order to do business in Angola, and Socapos can make it happen for you. Companies that collaborate with us will take as little as three months to do business in the oil and gas industry from the date of first signed contract to the first date of operations. We will help you identify new opportunities and ease the transition to a successful oil and gas partnership.